Adult Golf Coaching

Concepts and Fundamentals In Golf!
Are You Having Trouble With your Game?

Concepts are possibly the major cause of most of us not reaching our full potential in golf.

Here are a few things that may be holding you back from reaching your potential.

I need to keep my left arm straight
I lifted my head
I must keep my eye on the ball
plus many more.

Creating simple and correct concepts are crucial to the improvement process. I believe that the core fundamentals in effective golf swings are related to the correct body shape or body angles. If these angles are created in the set up correctly and are maintained throughout most of the swing, you should be on your way to better ball striking.
It is essential to understand the body motion and its direction in relation to ‘weight’ and ‘turn’ to maximize your full potential.
Additionally it is important to understand the effects of swing radius in relationship to your body angles.
The traditional common fundamentals such as stance, grip, alignment and ball position should be the result of correct body angles and posture at the beginning of your swing.

Below are some of the areas covered during my lessons to ensure you begin playing to your full potential

Body Shape
Weight Transfer
Turn and Direction
Individual Swing Model
Wrist and Clubface Angles