Junior Coaching
Darren Rowland Golf is pleased to provide the opportunity for junior golfers to progress from their first golfing experience or lesson to gaining an understanding and competency in the game of golf.

Juniors will be encouraged to enjoy their experience and be guided in learning all aspects of golf including; technique, course play, gaining a handicap and competition golf. The major focus of the junior program is to be safe, fun and instructive.

Darren Rowland – PGA
Having an extensive background in Junior Golf Coaching and Programs, I have always enjoyed working with juniors and have taken great pride in watching their development over many years. I have run many junior programs at several facilities across Melbourne over the last 20 years.

Junior golf clinics are available in either 30 or 60 minute duration. The clinics cover a range of topics including both short and long game topics throughout the term.

The program operates on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, each week at varies times. Start times are determined according to the age and/or skill of each child. Golf course play may be made available to juniors as part of the program at suitable times throughout the term.

Clinic Content
Practical clinic sessions will alternate between long and short game sessions, developing drills and exercises to improve swing technique. Skills tests will be used to maintain interest and help measure improvement as well as participation in games and fun activities.

On course sessions will be used to focus on issues such as rules and etiquette, different styles of competition and scoring, club and shot selection, mental skills and strategies.
Juniors will need to reach a satisfactory level before being invited to participate in on course sessions.

What do Clinics Cost?
30 minute clinics are priced at $16.00 per child/per week and 60 minute clinics are priced at $22.00 per child/per week. Clinics are paid on a term by term basis; at the start of each term.

How do I book?
Bookings and payments need to be made via www.mygolf.org.au

Where do Clinics lead?
Should juniors display sufficient potential and an interest in pursuing golf, their involvement in our program may lead to club membership, competitions, representing the club in pennant and beyond.

On Course Safety Rules
Safety – All players must stand behind and well away from a player hitting. (Approx 5 metres)
Watching – All players should watch the ball of other players and where it finishes.
Sand Buckets – Each player must carry a sand bucket and use it where required.
Bunkers – Must be raked after use and the rake left outside the edge of the bunker parallel to the line of play.
Buggies – Are allowed to be wheeled across the greens.
On The Tee – Players must be ready to hit as soon as possible.
On The Green – Players should putt out where possible.
Pace Of Play – Players must move as quickly as possible between shots without running.
Etiquette Of Play – Thanking a playing partner should be exercised after the game by shaking hands.

I hope you find this information helpful and thank you for taking the time to enquire about the Junior Program. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact DR Golf on 0414 554 744 or click here to email us.


Cost of tuition

Adult Individual Lessons

30 minutes - $65

45 minutes - $90

60 minutes - $120


5 x 30 minutes - $295

5 x 45 minutes - $405

Adult Clinics (60min) - $30 per person/per session

On Course lessons – (9 Holes) - $250

Junior Individual lessons

30 minutes - $50

30 minutes clinic - $16 per clinic/paid per term

60 minutes clinic - $22 per clinic/paid per term



Private Junior Golf Instruction
Private Junior Golf Instruction
Short Game Junior Clinic
Short Game Junior Clinic
On Course Play by a Junior Clinic Member
On Course Play by a Junior Clinic Member